Jonathan Head is bias, but does he have links to Red Shirts? @pakhead

Jonathan Head is known to be bias and many will agree with that but does he really have Red Shirt ties?   If you follow @pakhead on twitter then you know who his pals are. they include @freakingcat, @PrivitR, @zenjournalist, just to name a few  ok, so is he guilty simply by association? of course not, but he is accountable for what he says and RTs.  Jonathan Head and his bias go back several years, but I will not go in to the details of is tweets in this auricle.

Does Jonathan Head have direct ties to Red Shirts?  In August 2007, Mr Head, who was also president of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT), invited Jakrapob as guest speaker at the club. Jakrapob allegedly committed lese majeste during that speech, without Head cutting in to warn his friend of the possible consequences.

 Jakrapob was involved in the early activities of the UDD, and later formed a splinter group known as Red Siam with former communist Surachai Danwattananusorn.

Surachai was sentenced to 7½ years for lese majeste in 2012, but was pardoned by His Majesty in 2013. Accused of the same offence, Jakrapob ran away instead of fighting the case.

why would Jonathan ask his friend to speak at the FCCT if they where not pals and if they did not agree on matters?  the BBC has faced criticism from Jonathan Heads reporting but continues to do nothing.