CTH cuts Signal to Thousands of it’s customers

October 21st I notice no satellite Signal on my CTH setup box, I was only getting the local Thai digital channels, My current bill was paid up but I had NOT received a bill for almost one years worth of service dating back to 2013 until last month. total due was 9,200 THB,  I thought why pay it all it took them 2 years to send me the bill so they must not be in a big hurry, Wrong!!  I paid 1,600 THB towards my old bill that I just got billed for plus 299 THB for my current package and with no warning my signal was cut.  I did get in contact with CTH support but they refuse to do anything and demanded full payment.  I was turned off for a bill that you refused to send me in a proper manner  I will pay you but NOT unless you turn the box back on.  Well today is Saturday October 24  and still no signal  so they lose 7K   After checking the Thai Visa web forum I saw many have had the same exact experience and some for owing way less, about 20 to 30 people reported this same issue on the Thai Visa web forum alone.

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I have heard from my connection at the NBTC.  CTH has had several complaints filed due to last weeks signal cut and their billing issues. She says “NBTC enforced a legal sanction to CTH but it sued NBTC at Admin Court. I am responsible to defend the case on behalf of NBTC”  I do not have permission to disclose the name of the person so I will not.   so currently CTH is embolden to do what ever it wants as it and other keep the NBTC in court battles rather then in enforcement of laws.  for those who can read Thai here is a link referring to CTH taking legal action against NBTC  dailynews.co.th/it/299508


I was told CTH is still bound to solve all cases CTH has some severe case and I was still encouraged to file a complaint as CTH must reply to every complaint and if we do not like how CTH has not solved the issue we then can ask the NBTC to fine CTH.   I look at it this way, it is better then doing nothing.   here is the complaint forum, good luck guys fight back!!!