New releases from Somchai @VvSay7, @PravitR Rojanaphruk and other Thaksin lovers wanted him off line

I was contacted by a third party asking me to help with a Press Release explaining how difficult it was going up against certain people on twitter with visited interest in Thaksin.  I was NOT contacted by @VvSay7  (Somchai) directly but rather through a 3rd party that has direct communications with Somchai

I will be posting all news releases that he has issued so far in an attempt to help other tweeters understand why Somchai was on Twitter, the difficulties he had trying to remain anonymous  and why he left,

I was given a quote through his 3rd party contact from @VvSay7 (Somchai that I will share then get directly to his Press Releases

@VvSay7 “we are blacklisted and hunted by those witch hunters. They want us badly, and disappointed that they couldn’t catch us @nuling, @moui, @pravitr”


I will start with most recent Press Release today December 2nd 2015

Somchai Press release 2-1 Thai

now the English Version



Somchai Press release EN 2-1

Now tis is the very first News Release from December 1, 2014




English Version


I am releasing this information in the spirt of frees speech and to counter @PravitR and other 24 hr per days tweets supporting mass murder Thaksin.

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