Do Thaksin dog packs really exist on twitter, or are they just mythical creatures?

first I should explain what is a Thaksin dog pack in relationship to twitter.  Just like wolf packs or soi dog packs the so called Thaksin dog Pack will gang up on anyone who apposes their agenda or ideas.  This is often done by trolling, or several ganging up on a single person to attack that persons views, or that person personally.

Do these mystical creatures really exist on twitter?  A core of 5 to 10 english tweeters will and often do gang up on anyone who disagrees with their ideas.  Many of the so called Thaksin dog pack will not praise Thaiksin directly, they use tactics of attacking everyone else,, the Democrats, Abhisit, the courts, in other words anything that is in the way of Thaksin is tweeted about frequently . Does being against everyone else make you for the person you are not attacking?  well if you tweet non stop on things that would help Thaksin obtain more power yes, they use democracy in their argument but ignore real censorship.   some deny being pro Thaksin and use the argument that they have not said anything in support of him while still promoting everything that Thaksin and Pheu Thai are for in order to gain and maintain their pwoer and control.  here are a few example tweets

@genobkk @SteveInCM “It depends on how you define “dog packs” and your intellectual ability to understand the world beyond your mental cage”.  this one just attacked me, but could not debate so resorts to name calling and personal attacks, great example, thanks for the tweet.

“So CC ruled 5:4 that const amendment to make the senate fully elected amounts an overthrow of the democratic system w/King as head of state”.

@thai_talk claims not to be pro Thaksin and to be in in the middle, but claiming a government overthrow because CC decided to keep things status quo is a bit of a leap of faith.  she is not even close to being in the middle and is very much pro Thaksin and his agenda.


Nov 20@SteveInCM @Nganadeeleg @FelixQui @teamkorn @8td Thai “Democrat” Party is not democratic. It’s fascistic, extremist and anti-democratic”

above are members of Thaksin Dog Pack gainging up on @teamKorn, he is a public figure but try doing that to any of the reds and see how fast you are blocked!!.

@FelixQui Nov 10

@freakingcat “Sad that the Democrats, or at least Abhisit and his mob, appear to prefer civil war to democratic rights for all Thai citizens”

@freakingcat is one of the anti 112 bunch, I have seen him say a few anti Thaiksin words, but he needs to fit it with the group mentioned below so those negative Thaksin tweets are far apart and few.

@FelixQui  he tweets for everything that helps PT and Thaksin gain more power, claims to be for Democracy but devotes little or no time to Pheu Thai  doing non Democratic things related to censorship, Defamation suits, etc  always on anti 112 rants while ignoring other censorship done by Phew Thai.

“Thai fascists attack police and judges openly allied to anti-democratic fascist movt refuse to issue arrest warrants”  …   well this guy is totally red no denying that, not sure he would even deny it.

core members of the so called Thaksin Dog Pack  @SteveInCM@Rajprasong_News@JQP6@Nganadeeleg@marklomax12@zenjournalist@andrewspooone  I may have left out a few, today is a big news day.  


some who seek approval from Thaksin dog Pack and do a lot of RTs from them  @Thai_Talk, @freakingcatt, @FelixQu, @thai_talk has been rewarded by having her blog tweeted by Thaksin Dog Pack


I could keep quoting tweets, but please consider who’s interest some of these guys are representing and is it just opinion  or more?  one is even trying to get his book banned to boost sales, I am not saying anymore about that as I am not going to promote such nonsense.

stay toned for more.